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4 Benefits of Getting a Sewer Video Inspection

A clogged drain or leaky pipe is a major inconvenience, and figuring out the exact reason for leakage can be challenging. A video sewer inspection performed by a professional can locate the leak areas exactly where the root of the problem is so that it can be resolved.

High tech cameras are attached to a cable which can move down the drains and into your sewer system, this will track the health of your lines in real time. If a sewer pipe is clogged, cracked, crushed, or disconnected then a video camera inspection will help the plumber to detect the issue quickly so that they can find the right solution.

Learn more about the benefits of sewer video inspection below,


A sewer camera inspection can provide the most accurate information when your plumbing system requires repairs or regular maintenance.
The sewer camera can find the location of potential clogs and regular sewer surveillance can help to identify the problems easily. A remote sewer camera inspection is an affordable option to expensive and exploratory digging.

Determine Pipe Conditions

Pipes will be fixed usually in the underground so it’s difficult to determine the problematic spot. Instead of removing the structural barriers to access the pipes, a sewer video can easily detect the clogs as the camera can go deep within the plumbing system. It can also help you detect corrosion, collapsed pipes, and other plumbing issues.

Track the Health of Your Pipes

Over the years, the walls of your sewer pipes can be filled with gunk and grime from things like cooking grease, soap scum, decaying food particles, trash, and more. With a video inspection, your plumber can check the condition of your pipe walls and assess whether your lines need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

Less Expensive

The sewer pipe camera inspections are less expensive in the long run for many reasons. By planning, you can prevent costly water damage or sewage backup. The camera inspection helps to know the leakage spots in advance if your new home will need repairs in the future. And repairing leaks is easier and faster when you can target the right location.

These are the benefits of sewer line video inspection, it makes the job easier. You can inspect the underground pipelines easily to find out the clogs, breaks, and leaks. Call a professional expert to inspect and clear the issues perfectly.